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Zachary 'The Hanyou' Boyle

President, Editor in Chief, Host, Writer

Zachary 'The Hanyou' Boyle began as a YouTuber in 2013, doing Lets Plays of games ranging from Indie to AAA titles. He is former US Navy, a Hardcore Gamer, a dedicated Tech Junkie, avid Media consumer, and lover of Science, Music, and the Arts. In 2015 he decided that there was a need for a News Group that covered all of nerd culture, instead of just a few as most outlets do. Thus, Nerd Nation was born.



Vice-President, Marketing & PR Director, Sr. Editor, Host, Writer

Ash started making satirical, gaming, and news videos in 2014 on YouTube and various content creator groups. In 2015, she joined The Hanyou to birth Nerd Nation. When she isn't working, you can catch her developing mixed martial arts skills, hanging with friends, getting into an outdoor adventure, or just relaxing at home watching YouTube.


Host, Writer

He may not be the tech guy you deserve, or need right now, but he’s the one we have available. EdwardERS isn’t an accredited specialist in any particular field, but his background in sober homebody android activities leaves him with ways to contribute to this site when called upon. He’s a classic film enthusiast, a digital media hoarder and a gamer at arm's length of the perception that lifestyle has. He's PCMR with some exceptions. He’s a late adopter of technology but will strike when the iron is hot in his own way. He hates Apple, tolerates Android. His motto in the context of potentially doing something risky: “What do you have to gain and what do you have to lose?”



Dargon is your everyday science geek and video game enthusiast. When he isn't trying to optimize some form of spreadsheet or another, he can usually be found researching topics that pique his interest. He is not a specialist by any means but does his best at whatever project he sets his sights on. Whether those attempts end in keyboard smashing or not remains to be seen. 

"Everyone and everything has multiple perspectives. There's something to learn from anything you can imagine, no matter how mundane it seems."